Sustainable Arlington

Envision Arlington/Mass. Climate Action Network (MCAN) Chapter

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Power point by Anna Fialkoff, Horticulturist, New England Wildflower Society (now the Native Plant Trust).

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Revenue-neutral carbon pricing for MA - an economic analysis.pdf

Background information on Sen. Mike Barrett's bill S.1821, An Act Combating Climate Change.

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Since 2010, a cooperative community garden project, run through Arlington's Recreation Departmentat Robbins Farm Park in Arlington, MA. Membership is limited to 20 gardeners and applications close on May 1st. They grow vegetables organically as a group, create an educational resource in the community, and continue the agricultural tradition of the farm at the park.

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From the Mass Clean Energy Center (CEC), map of Massachusetts communities by year of participation, data on number f leads generated, impact of Solarize participation on total solar pv installations in each community before and after participating in Solarize, list of installers, total kW contracted.

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A ¼ acre urban oasis, designed and built by local residents and maintained by volunteers, the center provides both environmental education and cultural performances. Begun in 1994, it is a model for urban land use and collaboration between city government and local nonprofit and community agencies.  

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Waldorf School 3rd graders, with support from the Friends of Arlington's Great Meadows and the Arlington Land Trust, built and installed homes for pollinators.

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An all-volunteer group formed in 2003 to “develop and implement a variety of activities and initiatives to assist Belmont’s government, residents, and businesses in becoming a more environmentally responsible community.” The group now also focuses on selected advocacy campaigns. Members work together to find solutions that will prepare Belmont for the impacts of climate change and to be environmentally responsible for its residents. Public meetings listed on its website.

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A Town committee appointed by the Board of Selectmen to enhance Lexington's long-term sustainability and resilience in response to environmental resource and energy challenges.

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A nonprofit founded to educate and raise awareness about sustainability so that residents, officials, and community organizations can be empowered to take action in their day-to-day lives to incorporate sustainability into their community. Public meetings on the first Tuesday of every month, from 7-9 pm, usually in Town Hall, 71 Mt. Vernon Street, Winchester, at the big table in front of the Clerk's office. 

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Formed in 1973 to clean up one of the dirtiest U.S. harbors, today they continue to steward this critical part of our local environment, educate the public, and address future concerns including climate adaptation. TBHA seeks to make "Boston ... a model for creative adaptation to climate change."

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There's too much risk and not enough need.  According to authors Peter Shattuck and Jamie Howland, "In a remarkable shift from just a decade ago, natural gas now poses the biggest climate threat in the region."  (3.14.2016, Commonwealth Magazine)

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Typical lawns may not be as pleasant as they seem -- for you, your pets, wildlife, and local water bodies. And they're a lot of work.  Readable, in-depth article from Reader's Digest ends with a reference to Doug Tallamy's important work. See also his book Bringing Nature Home.

document THE IRMA DIARIES. Hurricane Irma, 2017 The U.S. Virgin Islands Popular

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Irma Diaries.docx

Author Angela Burnett spoke at the 2018 Boston March for Science, holding up a copy of this book as she told about surviving Hurricane Irma, a category 5+ storm, in the U.S. Virgin Islands on Sept. 6, 2017. 

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A detailed report on 3 bike-share options was presented at the Jan. 9, 2017 meeting of the Arlington Board of Selectmen by bike-sharing working group volunteer Seth Federspiel.

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Officeial Town Website

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Organizing with residents to clean up and prevent pollution in New England since 1987.  Energy, solid waste, pesticides, hazardous waste sites, illegal junkyards.


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"Just as ... it’s the strength of a neighborhood that determines who lives and who dies in a disaster. Building against climate change can either support vibrant neighborhood conditions or undermine them. We know how to do both."

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Succinct overview of how U.S. transportation contributes to global warming, as compared to the world as a whole, plus steps to reduce the greenhouses gases emitted by transportation.