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At first glance, climate change communication is about educating and informing people about this massive issue, in order to mobilize and solve the climate crisis. On a deeper level however, climate change communication is shaped by our different experiences, mental and cultural models, and underlying values and world views. The way we talk about climate change, either as advocates, scientists, or regular citizens, affects the way people understand and think about both the problem and the solutions alike.  A lot of communication about climate change gets it right about the risk and possible negative scenarios, but wrong about how we try to accomplish the critical goal of not just raising public concern, but moving people to action.    [see also  Climate Generation, Climate Stories,]

default 1b. MA Climate Change Clearinghouse Popular

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Supporting the Commonwealth through up-to-date climate change science. Documents, Data, Maps, MA programs, etc.

default 1b. Owning and Driving a Hybrid Vehicle, Arlington resident drives a Volt Popular

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Interview recorded at Arlington, MA EcoFest, March 4, 2019

default 1b. Owning and Driving an Electric Vehicle, Arlington resident drives Nissan Leaf Popular

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Interview recorded at Arlington, MA EcoFest, March 4, 2019


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presents documented incidents and publicly available facts about the gas distribution system that add up to an urgent message to legislators, the executive branch, municipalities, and gas companies to take action now. Immediate and short-term improvements can greatly enhance public safety. At the same time, Massachusetts can accelerate measures to transition away from gas to safer, healthier, affordable renewable energy.

Published by, 9.13.19.

default 1b. SEA LEVEL RISE RISK FINDER, Map, Surging Seas, Climate Central Popular

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Explore sea level and coastal flood risks.  A location can be several miles inland and still at risk.  Try typing in Arlington, MA. Click "Full-Feature Map" to see impacts of sea level rise from 0 to 10 feet.

Climate Central’s Program on Sea Level Rise strives to provide accurate, clear and granular information about sea level rise and coastal flood hazards both locally and globally, today and tomorrow. Anchored in rigorous primary research, our work distinguishes itself by its user-friendly maps and tools, extensive datasets, and high-quality visual presentation. The program dedicates its efforts to helping citizens, communities, businesses, organizations, and governments at every level to understand the consequences of different carbon pathways and to navigate the shifting waters of our warming world.  See

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Pursuing Climate Justice.  Climate change is rapidly exacerbating racial, economic, and social inequities. As sea levels rise, droughts lengthen, and storms become more intense and unpredictable, people and communities with limited resources will have less capacity to prepare for – or bounce back from – these challenges.

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DeSmogBlog exists to clear the PR pollution that is clouding the science on climate change.  It began in January 2006 and quickly became the world’s number one source for accurate, fact based information regarding global warming misinformation campaigns.

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"After ... the United States [withdrew from] the Paris Climate Agreement on June 1, 2017, many states jumped to sign a pledge promising to uphold the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Massachusetts was not one of them.  

Instead, local mayors and Boards of Selectmen have signed the pledge, We Are Still In, including Arlington’s Board of Selectmen. Chair Joseph Curro proposed the pledge at the Selectmen’s meeting on July 24."

default 2. Bill McKibben, Global Warming's Terrifying New Chemistry [fracking will not save our climate] Popular

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McKibben calls methane " CO2’s nasty little brother."   Unfortunately, "our new natural-gas infrastructure has been bleeding methane into the atmosphere in record quantities. And molecule for molecule, this unburned methane is much, much more efficient at trapping heat than carbon dioxide."  All that extra methane going into the atmosphere is offsetting many of the gains made by cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

default 2. Cambridge Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (CCVA) Popular

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The Cambridge, MA Community Development Department has done an intensive study of anticipated local climate change impacts for 2030 and 2070.  Useful graphics and maps are posted online with the March and December 2015 reports.  Some future flooding scenario maps of the Alewife area include detailed information for East Arlington.

default 2. How plastic bag bans really work to limit plastic pollution Popular

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In general, plastic bag bans aren’t perfect, wrote policy analyst John Hite for the Conservation Law Foundation, but they’re a good start. ... the bans consistently decreased the overall use of single-use plastic bags. ... he considers the bans a small stepping stone ...  For the full story, click here.


default 2. Landscaping for Butterflies and Other Pollinators: Exotics can be Useful Popular

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Constructed landscapes can provide excellent habitat for many butterflies and other beneficial insects. For butterflies, a complete habitat includes both nectar sources for the adults and larval host plants for the next generation. There are many good sources of information about which plants to use. 

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The Massachusetts Butterfly Club sponsors state-wide butterfly activities to promote education, conservation, interpretation, and fun! They invite people of all ages and levels of expertise to attend their meetings, programs, field trips, and butterfly counts and to become members of the club.

default 2. Simple Tips for Creating a Pollinator-Friendly Landscape Popular

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by Annie S. White

A landscape rich with a diversity of flowering plants is both beautiful and helps support the thousands of species of bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinating insects we have in the U.S. However, planning your pollinator-friendly landscape does not end with your plant list. The layout of your gardens, layout of your plants, and your maintenance practices all affect pollinators. Here is a set of considerations for choosing the best types of plants for pollinators, plus how to use them to create the best pollinator sanctuary possible.

default 2.10.17. “New England’s Shrinking Need for Natural Gas” Popular

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...gas pipeline project (Spectra Energy’s Access Northeast pipeline). ... this project is likely to be twice as expensive as previously proposed ($6b v. $3b), and the need for natural gas will fall in the future due to the environmental and renewable energy policies in New England. Therefore, the study concludes, this gas pipeline project is not needed.


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1. Owning and Driving An Electric Vehicle   

2. Owning and Driving a Hybrid Vehicle   

3.  Community Choice Aggregation for "Green" Electricity (electricity bulk purchasing)  

 4.  Moving Beyond Natural Gas to Renewables

5.   HeatSmart for Arlington and Winchester (2019 program)

6.   The 9 R's (Refuse, Reduce, Repurpose, Repair, Etc.)


Image 2a Jan 4 2020 Plarn Workshop & Community Art Project Popular

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Jan 4 2020 Plarn Workshop.png

Arlington artist-in-residence Michelle Lougee offers a series of workshops and meet-ups from Jan. to June 2020 for a community art project.  Free. Fun. Engaging.

default 3. Buyer Beware: Not all RECs are created equal Popular

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RECs Renewable  Energy  Certificates.  To benefit Massachusetts, choose Class I RECs.  Find out why.

default 3. Creating Northampton Pollinator Neighborhoods Popular

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3 videos] Last updated on Jul 24, 2020

These talks are part of a series on creating pollinator corridors in Northampton Neighborhoods, a project funded by New England Grassroots Environment Fund. Of course the information is useful to anyone wanting to support pollinator health! For more information and a list of future talks, go to