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Folder Air Source Heat Pumps (Ductless -- or Mini-Splits -- and Ducted]


default 1. Mini-split heat pumps explained [Allison Bailes, Energy Vanguard blog]

Excellent, clear explainer from building scientist Allison Bailes.  1.24.2022.

default A Heat Pump Might Be Right for Your Home. Here’s Everything to Know. [Wirecutter]

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March 28. 2022. In-depth article, excellent coverage of the topic.

default All about heat pumps. [Green Energy Consumers Alliance]

Highly-respected, Mass. nonprofit explains heat pumps, their benefits, installation and state incentives. New in 2022, they've teamed up with Abode Energy Management to make researching a heat pump installation easier.  learn more here!

default Can a Heat Pump Work in Minnesota?

  • , 3,26,2021. Energy Vanquard Blog.  The answer is "yes."

pdf Guide To Sizing & Selecting Air-Source Heat Pumps in Cold Climates [NEEP]

Download (pdf, 359 KB)

Sizing & Selecting ASHPs In Cold Climates, NEEP 2018.pdf

From Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP),

"System performance, comfort, and energy efficiency can be significantly impacted by poor sizing and system selection. The purpose of this guide is to assist installers in sizing and selecting ASHPs for cold climate applications, while maintaining high efficiency, performance, and customer satisfaction."


default Heat Pumps, Auxiliary Heat, and Resilience

  • , 4.8.2021. What qualifies as auxiliary heat? It's not fossil gas.

default It’s Time to Incentivize Residential Heat Pumps [RMI]

Heat pump technology is a particularly efficient way to heat a home, delivering two to four times more heating energy than the electricity it consumes.